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Best Wairarapa wedding ever: with no photos

"We were very happy that we had our engagement and wedding photos done with Sarah of Lucalia Photography.

One of our biggest fears about having a photographer take our wedding photos was that we would be uncomfortable and not enjoy our wedding day. We also were worried about the staged aspect of wedding photos which is the opposite of what we are like!

Sarah really put our minds at ease. She has such a personal and thoughtful manner. She is also exceptionally onto it, responsive and trustworthy. From initial emails, to a phone call, to the engagement photos and finally the wedding photos Sarah was completely professional while also being very empathetic and understanding of what you as a person and a couple are going through.

We really loved how Sarah’s style is a documentary photography style. This means she will encourage you to do your thing with a bit of guidance occasionally. This makes for the most natural and beautiful photos, and the tenderest of moments being captured. We especially liked the engagement photos we took at our favourite camping spot and then later the wedding photos she took at our tiny garden / country style wedding.

In terms of value for money, we found Lucalia Photography to very good value for money.

Finally, we highly recommend Sarah of Lucalia Photography. She’s like that friend that you have at your wedding who just happens to take amazing photos! Thanks Sarah, we love your work!"

-Julia and Richard, November 2019

These humbling words, from two of the sweetest souls you could hope to meet. And the wedding they planned was my favourite ever. This is why:

  • Meaningful location their favourite getaway destination from Wellington, Martinborough in the Wairarapa

  • Private non-traditional venue Summer Lodge, Airbnb self contained accommodation (with pool!)

  • Surrounded by only the closest of family and friends there were less than 20 wedding guests (including the couple)

  • Personal touches bicycles, parents as witnesses and ring bearer, designed reception menu

  • Creating their wedding their way getting ready together, no bridesmaids or groomsmen, writing their own vows the list goes on.

There are no wedding photos to share.

But why?

Because of one of the most important parts of being a professional wedding photographer: respecting the couple's wishes.

Julia and Richard are very private people and requested that their engagement and wedding photos be kept just for them. They did not want them shared on websites or social media. The photos are for them, their family and friends.

In this day and age of people seeking likes and praise on Instagram; mental illness being a serious issue for younger and younger people; and the culture of comparison, their choice not to share their images is very refreshing.

I'm delighted to be able to share the couple's words and sentiments in the hopes of inspiring others to plan their Wairarapa wedding, their way. It's not a case of bucking tradition for the sake of it. But thinking of what is truly meaningful to each of you. Not bowing to pressure from society, family or online trends.

Thank you so incredibly much Julia and Richard for your kind words, I was honoured to be part of your very special day.

If you are a like-minded couple planning your wedding in the gorgeous Wairarapa, please feel free to check out my Wairarapa wedding photography.

Lots of love, Sarah x


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