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The blog shares my latest photos, along with stories of the beautiful people and places that feature. I love to help couples with their outdoor wedding planning by encouraging them to  prioritise meaning over materialism; and families to discover the authenticity of documentary style family photography.

Gemma and Sam wanted a fuss-free, non-traditional, camping wedding on Gemma's grandparents' farm outside Martinborough, surrounded by their colourful family and friends. And that's exactly what they crafted.

Every man and his dog (or seal, see above!) is having their say about Covid-19, the global pandemic of 2020 and possibly beyond. I don't want to add to the noise, but to contribute some positive, personal words in order to hopefully hel...

Life Celebrancy is Rachel's business, and is all about creating ceremonies that are uniquely yours. Regarding weddings, on her website she says "Let's create a ceremony that reflects your one-of-a-kind partnership.". She b...

Way back when I was 15, I started documenting adventures I went on and things that intrigued me. It was absolutely delightful to remember my photography origins on a recent holiday Ben and I took to Port Underwood, near Picton on the South...

Adventure can come in many forms: physically embarking on a journey; thinking outside the box; or creating exciting experiences. Would you like to create a wedding that is uniquely as adventurous as you are, in the Wairarapa? Then read on d...

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Wairarapa wedding venue: Gemma and Sam's Martinborough camping farm wedding

4 Apr 2020

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