5 tips: what to wear for your Lucalia Photography engagement photo session (plus what not to wear)

Awesome you've booked your Lucalia Photography engagement photo session (engagement shoot)! But what do you wear? I've put together 5 tips to help you choose; as well as what not to wear.

Tip #1

One of the main things to think about when choosing what to wear for your engagement photo session is to be comfortable. If you're comfortable, you'll be relaxed. If you're relaxed, you'll look gorgeous in your photos.

Tip #2

The second main thing to bear in mind when choosing what to wear, is that I want to capture the real you two. If you love shorts and tshirts then wear those. If you've never worn a bikini before, it probably won't work for you during your beach engagement photo session.

Tip #3

Wear clothes that suit the environment and style of shoot. If we're going for a bushwalk choose what you would normally wear on a tramp. If we're going to a waterfall and frolicking in the water choose togs, boardies, kaftans, something loose and flowing. If it's cold or windy wear a jumper or jacket. You get the idea. Clothes that are easy to move about in are a great idea, you never know what we might get up to on our adventures!

Tip #4

Please don't feel any pressure to buy something new just for your shoot. Apart from being wasteful, as I've said above, I want to capture the real you. The lived in hoody, the jeans molded to your bum and the hat you've had since primary school. True story!

Tip #5

Remember footwear: again if we're walking, consider hiking boots. If we're on the beach scuffs or bare feet will be great. Plus I have a thing for feet and shoes, not in a weird way, but I think they're pretty...

What not to wear

  • Essentially: don't wear anything you're not comfortable in (see tip #1 above!)

  • High heels or inappropriate footwear (pained facial expressions aren't sexy!)

  • Loud or busy patterns, large logos (they distract from your love in the photos)

  • Matching outfits or all the same colours (unless you do that normally!).

I can't wait to capture this special time in your lives: when you're engaged. If you have any questions please feel free to email or phone me.

Lots of love, Sarah x

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