Wairarapa engagement photography: sunrise for Sunshine & Luke at Cape Palliser

"We were really excited about doing the shoot. I was mainly concerned about how to get some awesome photos of Luke not pulling faces or feeling awkward in front of the camera. Sarah really made me feel relaxed, the level of enjoyment from all of us is obvious by the beautiful pictures she took of us."

What's more romantic than enjoying the sun rise at the beach with your loved one? When one of you is named Sunshine!

Sunshine and Luke "originally met when we were in intermediate together at age 10". Sunshine says "he used to beat up anybody who gave me any grief back then. We did pop into each others life every now and then at parties or at mutual friends houses. When I made the decision to stay in Wellington ​last year, Luke and I started hanging out and it blossomed from there."

The hilarious couple love animals (Sunshine's spirit animal is a giraffe; with Luke's being a Tiger, both absolutely apt). For their engagement photo session they loved the idea of a sunrise with the fur seals at Cape Palliser, Wairarapa. They will be married in Sunshine's home country of South Africa later this year. Their honeymoon will be on safari in the famous Kruger National Park how cool is that?!

Sunshine works in a retail shop that specialises in surf and skate fashion that perfectly suits her bubbly hip hop inspired style. Luke is at the moment generously helping a mate start his own business, and is a skilled mechanical engineer and gunsmith.

The story of their engagement differs for each of them. Sunshine explains:​" Luke actually took one of my rings thinking he was going to get me a nice Christmas present... Didn't think much of it.. Later he comes back claiming he lost the ring he took , but came back with (the engagement ring), he got on one knee and asked me to marry him and I of course said yes!!" However Luke's version goes something like this: "Sunshine had surgery and I​ came pick her up from hospital. When I got Sunshine to the car and in her drowsy state asked me when I was going to marry her." Super cute!

Sunshine says of her fiancé, she loves "how funny, charming Luke actually is... He has a lot of love to give and I'm lucky he wants to share it with me. I love the fact I can be my goofy, quirky self and he never looks at me weirdly... because he is just as weird as I am."

Luke says "I love the fact Sunshine is so happy and bubbly. She knows how to make me smile even when my day hasn't been the best. She is the only person I could see having a future with, finding someone who I can grow my life alongside."

What will they do with your engagement photos? "No doubt all over Facebook, our parents houses and especially Luke's grandparents mantle piece in their house. Our wedding invitations also. Christmas presents to friends and family who wasn't at our engagement party/wedding." What fantastic ideas!

Thanks so much Sunshine and Luke for being such great fun and for driving all the way to Cape Palliser before dawn.

If you would like some Lucalia Photography adventure engagement portraits designed to be unique to you, please do get in touch: sarah@lucaliaphotography.com

If you would like some Lucalia Photography adventure engagement portraits designed to be unique to you, please do get in touch: sarah@lucaliaphotography.com

Lots of love, Sarah x

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