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How to have an adventurous wedding in the Wairarapa

groom wearing jandles bride wearing cowboy boots, Wairarapa wedding photographer

The definitions of adventure are “an exciting or very unusual experience” and “participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises”.

Adventure can come in many forms: physically embarking on a journey; thinking outside the box; or creating exciting experiences. Would you like to create a wedding that is uniquely as adventurous as you are, in the Wairarapa? Then read on dear friend!

Rocky Lookout, Mt Holdsworth wedding, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Adventurous Wairarapa wedding venue: Rocky Lookout, Mt Holdsworth

Wedding venue/location

Both you and your guests (be it just your parents; or 100 of your nearest and dearest) can quite literally embark on a journey to attend your wedding. You can choose a venue to be married at anywhere that speaks to you. Imagine hiking to your ceremony (I LOVE walking boots and wedding dresses!). Picture your guests driving along the rugged Wairarapa coastline to be present at your childhood holiday camp ground. You can make the journey part of the destination. Some of my favourite Wairarapa wedding venues include: private backyards, ocean-fronted batches and rustic woolsheds out the back of your grandparents property; Pūkaha National Wildlife Centre; and pictured is Rocky Lookout at Mt Holdsworth.

Cape Palliser sunrise wedding couple, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Enjoy sunrise together at Cape Palliser on the morning of your wedding

Adventure together the morning of your wedding

If you love nothing more than adventuring together, why not do this the day you get married? Join up for a quick hike, swim in the ocean or mountain bike: whatever you enjoy doing side-by-side in nature.

wedding couple climbing on White Rock beach, Wairarapa wedding photographer

White Rock, Wairarapa outdoor engagement portrait session

Outdoor engagement session

If you prefer to uphold the tradition of not seeing each other on the morning of your wedding, another way to incorporate an adventure is to have an outdoor engagement photo session. This could also be an alternative to not being able to hold your wedding in your absolute dream location because 99 year old Aunty Mavis won't be able to make it up the mountain.

bride wearing white fluffy cape with wedding party at winter wedding, Wairarapa wedding photographer

A winter wedding can provide dramatic backdrops for photos!


Being adventurous can mean with ideas instead of physically striking out into the wilderness. You may choose to hold your wedding in winter instead of the more common summer. This may be because a particular date is significant to you; you love snow and will be married at Powell Hut; or you're planning your wedding around your adventurous travel plans!

non-traditional wedding party, best brother holding wedding dress, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Best bro takes his duties very seriously at this relaxed, backyard marquee wedding

What wedding party?

You may choose to have a mixed wedding party instead of the “all girls” and “all guys” scenarios. It can be really hard choosing who to have standing beside you whilst you exchange vows with your partner for life. Especially when there are more blokes than ladies who are special to you both; and the numbers aren't even anyway. So why not be kind on yourselves, don't offend anyone and have a mixed wedding party; no wedding party or choose special roles for everyone?

Wendy Morrison Wairarapa marriage celebrant at Pukaha National Wildlife Centre, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Wendy Morrison marriage celebrant is based in the Wairarapa

Creating exciting experiences

Exciting experiences can be both for yourselves and for your wedding guests. Choosing the right celebrant for you helps set the tone. They will work with you to craft meaningful and personal wedding vows just for you. A dedicated marriage celebrant will be part of your adventure leading up to your wedding and often beyond. A wedding ceremony should be “so you”.

Local produce menu Rose & Smith at Tauherenikau, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Rose & Smith at Tauherenikau creates menus just for you featuring local produce, beer, cider and wine

Food and wine

Remember the senses when creating your wedding celebration. We are so lucky in the Wairarapa to have a wide range of produce and beverages to choose from. If you're creating a picnic for two at Castlepoint; or a banquet at Rose & Smith at Tauherenikau: buy local.

bride with groom, guys and motorbike in background, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Fran and Aiden (well actually Aiden) has a passion for motorbikes

Adventurous Touches

You can be adventurous with your styling and decoration of spaces. Combine your unique personalities to surround yourselves with the things that say the most about you. Not just to be trendy. If you're mad keen cyclists pop some bikes outside; if you love forests consider natives for your wedding flowers.

There are plenty of ways you can both physically and conceptually be adventurous with your Wairarapa wedding.

Please feel free to check out more of my Lucalia Photography Wairarapa wedding photography.

Lots of love, Sarah xx


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