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We have Sarah booked for our wedding, but have just had an engagement shoot done with her and oh my goodness, she is amazing. She was so easy to be photographed by, very relaxed, occasionally giving instructions but otherwise just left us to it. She followed us up and down the beach, climbed sank banks with us, the whole shabang. -Sian and Kris


One of the ways I help you feel relaxed on your wedding day (and avoid awkwardness!) is by really getting to know you before hand. I do this by catching up face-to-face (or via video call) and just chatting. I love learning about you, your love story and what you do in your daily lives.

An optional extra for my wedding couples, is an engagement shoot. I highly recommend having one prior to your special day. This session allows you to see how I work and relax having your photo taken. Plus you'll have some gorgeous portraits to document this unique time in your lives: your engagement.


So when I turn up on the morning of your wedding, it feels like a new best friend just arrived.

I provide outdoorsy couples who hate awkward poses, with documentary engagement photography in Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough.


Outdoorsy couple

Do you love going on long walks together? Would you rather be messing about at the beach than playing video games? Are you planning your wedding close to nature? Let's explore one of your favourite places and take some photos.

Hate awkward poses?

Do you hate having your photo taken? Your partner even more so? I won't make you show public affection whilst grasping each other tightly. That's just like my husband Ben and I! We hate it! So I don't make my couples do that or anything they don't want to do. Essentially we just go for a walk and I take some photos along the way. Simples!


Documentary engagement photography

I am a documentary photographer. This means capturing what naturally occurs in front of the camera, without direction, staging or posing. I keep an eye out for meaningful moments, beautiful light and striking compositions.


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