9 meaningful wedding present ideas for the outdoorsy couple: PART 1

Oh my goodness, your friend is getting married! Eeekkk how exciting!

You'd really like to give your dear friends something that's absolutely right and personal for them, to celebrate their marriage. A gift that's unique and honours your relationship with your friend or family member.

In a world that seems overly materialistic and trend driven, how can you find such a thing?

Here are some ideas, inspired by my Lucalia Photography values of getting active outdoors, caring for others, creativity and appreciating nature.

The nine points are divided into two blog posts, stay tuned for the next part!

#1 Album or framed print from their wedding photographer

One of the joys of having professional wedding photographs taken, is being able to re-live that special day at home every day. Not shoved away on a USB in a draw gathering dust. Capturing, displaying and preserving love so your friends can pass on their memories to their children and grandchildren. I’m passionate about framed photos hanging on your walls; and beautiful books to share.

#2 Monetary donation or volunteering time to a charity in lieu of a wedding present

Donate the money you could have spent on a wedding present, to a mutually favourite charity. This can be a particularly meaningful way to remember loved ones that can't be present at the wedding. Charities such as the Cancer Council, Heart Foundation, Life Line and MS Society. Other charities can pay homage to passions such as the outdoors and community: Riding for the Disabled, Search and Rescue, RSPCA and Save the Children.

#3 Adventure experience on their honeymoon or next holiday

If your special couple will be enjoying a holiday soon, giving them a unique adventure experience for their wedding present could be an option. Memories of fantastic experiences last a life time, as opposed to rose gold monogrammed matching mugs. Visiting gorillas in Africa, rafting down the glacial-fed rapids in the Rockies or contributing to trekking to Everest Base Camp could be inspired choices.

#4 Subscription to favourite local vineyard's wine club

For a gift that “keeps giving” whenever their favourite wine arrives at regular intervals, just before the current bottle runs out. They will be reminded of you each time!

I hope this inspires you to find a gift that's unique and honours your relationship with your outdoorsy friend or family member.

The nine points are divided into two blog posts, stay tuned for the next part!

If you'd like to see my outdoorsy Wellington wedding photos, please feel free to check them out here.

Lots of love, Sarah x

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