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6 Tips: Wairarapa wedding planning for grooms-to-be

Newsflash: wedding planning isn't just for brides. This article is written for you guys!

I get quite upset when I see articles online and in wedding magazines saying "bride this" and "bride that". Bride, bride, bride it's all only about the brides. What about the grooms? It takes two people to make a marriage. Luckily in New Zealand a couple can be made up of a bride and a groom; two grooms; or two brides.

In addition to same sex couples, grooms of hetrosexual couples are allowed to care, be interested in and goodness, help with planning your wedding. As we said, it takes two people to make a marriage.

Perhaps you're a project manager at work? Who better to manage the personal project of planning your wedding!

Guys planning your wedding helps take the pressure of your bride or partner to plan it all. It also helps you to be engaged (haaa see what I did there?!) in the process and utilise your strengths and interests.

I've put together six areas of wedding planning the modern groom might like to consider planning. Plus a bonus seventh tip! This list is neither inclusive nor exhaustive, it's just a suggested starting point. I've also included some of my favourite Wairarapa people to talk to in the wedding industry.

If you're a groom-to-be planning your wedding I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me (Sarah) here.

1. Transport Without being stereotypical, (I know plenty of gals who love cars, bikes and quads!) guys love cars. There are plenty of great businesses offering their beauties for hire as wedding cars. Another way to personalise your wedding is to include your own cars, cars owned by friends in your car club or family cars. This is also a great way to include close friends and family by giving them important roles in your wedding.

This lovingly restored 1963 Ford Fairlane is owned by a friend of Nickie and Bryn's. One of my favourite wedding classic car hire companies is Wairarapa Vintage Tours.

2. Catering, cake and wine

I've been very lucky to work with some amazing grooms who are bakers, incredible cooks and chefs (big shout outs to Adam and Kris!).

If food and wine is your passion then get stuck in tasting these mouthwatering options:

  • Palliser lamb, spit roasted over coals (see above from the wonderfully talented head chef Dale at Rose & Smith at Tauherenikau)

  • Edible flower cake (gluten free chocolate with salted caramel and Swiss meringue buttercream, by Finom oh wow!); and

  • Brut rosé bubbles from Matahiwi Estate (my favourite).

3. Groom and groomsmen's attire

This does seem like a no-brainer for the groom to plan. However there have been numerous grooms looking sheepish wearing pastel ties; suit jackets for the first time in their lives; and sweltering in three piece suits on summers' days. Some guys, like my husband, have firm ideas on what they would like to wear on their wedding day. For a peek at what Ben wore, check out the last photo below!

My favourite suit company is actually based in Palmerston North: Van Meer Suits. Hiring suits you may never wear again is a great option for the environment too (less waste!).

4. Trees, horticulture and flowers

Many guys love about the natural environment, getting active outdoors and native plants. Bring this to your wedding. There is nothing "wrong" with grooms planning wedding flowers. In fact I applaud you for thinking outside the stereotypes of this industry and following your passion.

One of my favourite ethical florists based in Martinborough is Narida at He Putiputi.

5. Rings

One of my special friends has designed the most incredible and personal engagement ring for his partner, with a jewellery designer. In fact Ben did this for me too (shout out to Emily!). If you don't usually or have never worn a ring before, if you design or choose it yourself, you'll be more likely to be happy wearing it.

So I couldn't choose just one jeweller to recommend... The first is the wonderfully creative, nature-focused Wairarapa jewellery designer Chris Adams Jeweller. And the second is NZ based ethical Ash Hilton Jewellery.

6. Photography

Photography and the enjoyment of photographs isn't gender specific. I was lucky to work with one guy who had the most organised folder for wedding planning I've ever seen! Tab dividers and the whole shebang. If you love technology, gadgets and gear then researching which photographer to choose could suit you to a tea. Get chatting about cameras, artificial lighting and back up systems 'till your heart's content.

I'm just going to put this here Lucalia Photography :)

7. Anything you guys fancy!

There's really not that much that's off-limits in terms of grooms and wedding planning. The only thing perhaps is the bride's outfit (if there is a bride). Go nuts with whatever is meaningful to you.

These guys playing out the tunes are the folky Winsome Lost. promised:

Here is my incredible husband in the outfit he planned himself. It's from Historical Emporium. Photo by the Tasmanian Fred and Hannah.

If you're a groom-to-be planning your wedding I'd love to hear from you! You can contact me (Sarah) here.

Lots of love, Sarah x


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