9 meaningful wedding present ideas for the outdoorsy couple: PART 2

Oh my goodness, your friend is getting married! Eeekkk how exciting!

You'd really like to give your dear friends something that's absolutely right and personal for them, to celebrate their marriage. A gift that's unique and honours your relationship with your friend or family member.

In a world that seems overly materialistic and trend driven, how can you find such a thing?

Here are some ideas, inspired by my Lucalia Photography values of getting active outdoors, caring for others, creativity and appreciating nature. Except #9 which is a bit saucy!

This is the second part, check out the first part here!

#5 Gift Voucher for an outdoor equipment shop

Fuel the passion for adventure by providing the right equipment! A voucher can be seen as a lame or thoughtless present. I beg to differ if they are in fact chosen with care and you know your friends will love. A voucher gives them the freedom to choose gear they actually need and will use.

#6 Create an artwork yourself

Creating a personal gift or wedding card just for them using your talents such as painting, photography, print making, sculpture, piece of furniture, ceramics or writing a poem.

#7 An invitation to dinner at your place

Spending quality time with friends, enjoying great wine and local produce cooked with love is one of life's great pleasures. A gift that will be greatly appreciated, especially following the intense emotions of a wedding.

#8 Local produce picnic hamper

Provide all the yummy supplies for a romantic picnic featuring local produce. You could even go so far as to organise a tandem bike with baskets for wine or beer bottles and a picnic blanket! Imagine sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean sipping champagne nibbling blue cheese: bliss!

#9 Have a saucy romance style novel made featuring the happy couple!

OK so this one is kind of like a wild card! Some colleagues and I were brainstorming ideas towards the end of a long work week and car journey. A partner of one is an author which inspired the ninth meaningful wedding gift idea for the outdoorsy couple! There are websites where you can enter details like your friends' names, their favourite flavours and colours to have a personalised romance novel printed. I love this idea for something completely different! My favourite one stars a couple on safari in Africa...

I hope this inspires you to find a gift that's unique and honours your relationship with your outdoorsy friend or family member.

If you'd like to see my outdoorsy Wellington wedding photos, please feel free to check them out here.

Lots of love, Sarah x

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