Wairarapa wedding photographer: Sian and Kris' White Rock engagement part 1

I actually discovered Sian on Instagram, who, as she was looking for a Wairarapa wedding photographer, stalked me for the rest of the afternoon. This is part of the email Sian sent:

"I explored your website while on my lunch break and all afternoon excitedly told my colleagues that I’d finally found a wedding photographer who’s work I adored and who wasn’t going to cost me my first born to travel to the Wairarapa for me. Our wedding will be attended by our loved ones, many kids and many dogs, and we want someone there to capture every single moment for us to cherish forever.

We are more than happy to feed and water you, trust me when I say you’ll be spoilt for choice by our families food abilities, plus the fact my husband to be is a Chef by trade."

-Sian and Kris

Well, it seems we're a great fit for each other: family, food and full of personality!

One of the ways I get to know my wedding couples is by doing an engagement portrait session, somewhere outdoors in the Wairarapa that means something to them. Sian and Kris asked if I would be willing to go as far as White Rock. Of course I was!

White Rock has special meaning to Sian in particular. Her dearly loved father passed away in 2017, and White Rock was a place they spent much time together enjoying. There was nowhere else they would consider having their engagement photos created. Which I absolutely loved.

We drove together the 1.5 hours from Featherston with Sian telling me stories of riding quad bikes and utes towing boats on the gravel road, coming across stock trucks with nowhere to go. That was all part of the fun with her dad.

The timing of the shoot was a little later than usual but it was totally worth it. Sian had her wedding make up trial done that morning by the wonderfully talented Abby Roberts Makeup Artisty. She looked and felt stunning throughout the entire session. We both aren't used to wearing makeup so we empathised over false lashes and foundation.

The beach was deserted for us. Kris pointed out to me exactly where he proposed to Sian (today, under water). We explored the beach, got crashed by waves, caught in quick sand and climbed White Rock itself. Kris is a chef and picked up perfect stones for his oven. There were only a few tears on both sides. Having also lost my dad I knew exactly were the emotions were coming from. All part of a Lucalia Photography outdoor adventure engagement session!

The second part of the photo session was spent near the river further inland, at a campsite Sian and her dad frequented.

If you're an outdoorsy engaged couple looking for an adventurous wedding photographer in the Wairarapa, please feel free to check out my wedding photography.

If you're an outdoorsy engaged couple looking for an adventurous wedding photographer in the Wairarapa, please feel free to check out my wedding photography.

Lots of love, Sarah x

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