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Wairarapa wedding photographer: the story of my wedding flowers

mother of the bride picking roses on her daughter's wedding day, Wairarapa wedding photographer

When we were talking about flowers for Ben and my wedding in Tasmania, I thought I might like some flowers from Mum's garden.

This is my lovely Mum Jackie. She has created the most wonderful garden, carefully tendered over many years. Along the white picket front fence is a lush fridge of crisp iceberg roses. I have fond memories of walking past these flowers every day to and from high school.

As a wedding photographer (now based in the equally gorgeous Wairarapa), I couldn't help myself from taking some photos on my own wedding day. It was a dream come true! I also learnt so much about wedding photography from having planned and experienced a wedding of my own. But that's another story!

Growing up (and to this day) Mum picks cute little posies and pops them in the guest room when she has visitors to stay. There's always a bright bunch that smells divine when I come home from New Zealand.

I also have a very strong connection to Northofagus gunii the alpine deciduous beech tree found only in Tasmania. In fact Ben had those leaves made into my engagement ring. You can read more about my fondness for "fagus" (and see the ring!) in this blog post! Deciduous fagus is only found in mountainous areas and a little logistically difficult to find in the days leading up to your wedding! However it's sibling variety Nothofagus cunninghamii is evergreen and is more easily found in Tasmania's southern forests. So we ventured south and collected some for my bouquet.

Here are some documentary style photos of mum and I walking in her garden, picking iceberg roses. She carefully and creatively added the flowers and leaves to the bouquets prepared by the florist. It was wonderful to have this personal touch with me throughout my wedding day.

So that's the slightly non-traditional story of my wedding flowers. I hope this gives you some inspiration when planning memorable and meaningful elements in your Wairarapa wedding.

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mum walking down the garden path surrounded by white roses, Wairarapa wedding photographer

iceberg rose growing in mum's garden, Wairarapa wedding photographer

lady picking roses with white picket fence, Wairarapa wedding photographer

mother of the bride holding cut flowers, Wairarapa wedding photographer

fagus leaves and pink roses in glasses of water, Wairarapa wedding photographer
finishing a wedding bouquet, Wairarapa wedding photographer

mother of the bride helping with wedding flowers, Wairarapa wedding photographer

If you enjoyed these photos, you may like to see more of my Lucalia Photography Wairarapa wedding photography here.

Lots of love, Sarah xx


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