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Wairarapa maternity and newborn photographer

Dad and baby playing on the floor, Wairarapa newborn photographer

Being a mum or a dad is quite possibly the most amazing thing in the world. I heard friends say that before but never really understood. Until now!

Our wee baby Nicholas (presently 8 weeks old, sitting next to me smiling away as I write) has allowed me to understand the true meaning of those words. My husband Ben and I have so much love for our baby, more than we ever imagined.

I can now bring that understanding and love to photographing documentary-style maternity and newborn portraits for people who hate awkward poses, in the fabulous Wairarapa region of Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you would like to book your own documentary-style at home or outdoor maternity and newborn photos, please email me

Wairarapa Maternity Photos

pregnant couple kissing with sunburst Wairarapa maternity phototographer

When I was pregnant I didn't feel the need to have maternity photos taken. No one needed to be reminded of my lack of energy, waddling gait and giant belly!

But now I regret not having that record as a document of this unique time in my life. Plus as the meaningful start of our baby's story.

I am delighted to offer documentary-style maternity photos to expectant mothers in the Wairarapa and their families.

A maternity session with me will capture you in your natural beauty, going about your daily life at this point in time. You can choose to have your photos taken at home or outdoors.

Inside at home is a great option during winter when you don't feel like venturing out. Doing every day activities that bring you joy can be amazingly beautiful such as making coffee, enjoying it curled up with your partner on the couch and excitedly folding baby clothes. All those details you've carefully planned in the nursery from handmade mobiles to artwork by family friends and meaningful books from your childhood. Preserving the hope and excitement of what's to come is magical.

If you choose an outdoor location we will go for a walk that's comfortable for you. I capture your (and your unborn child's) authentic interactions with the environment.

I can capture just you; or you can be joined by your partner, whānau and/or fur babies(!) as you wish.

Your maternity portraits can be taken at any time that suits you. I do prefer to photograph pregnant ladies between 30 and 35 weeks. Anything earlier than that just means your bump won't be as pronounced. And anything after that you may feel uncomfortable and not at all like having your photo taken! This is just a guide and I'll happily work with you and your needs.

Wairarapa Newborn Photos

Baby's face, Wairarapa newborn photographer

As a contrast to my maternity photos, I always knew I wanted newborn photos created for us. It's so important to me to have a true record at home of the very first weeks of life with our precious bundle of joy. There are so many reasons for this, which I bring to your newborn photography:

  1. For our son to know he was loved and part of our family right from the very start;

  2. To capture us as a family as Mum is always behind the camera;

  3. Those teeny tiny toes! That cute button nose! The newborn snuggles! Need I say more?!; and

  4. A document at this time in our lives, at this place we have prepared to welcome him into the world.

A Lucalia Photography newborn session can also be at home or at one of your favourite outdoor locations. Documenting you at home can be a great option if you're not ready to venture out into the world just yet.

I prefer to photograph newborns within their first four weeks. It's up to you: if you would like to document their sleepy, curly newborn tiny-ness book within the first two weeks. However if you are a first-time mum it may seem like an impossible task to get it together for a photo shoot that early. It certainly was for me! We had our newborn shoot done when Nicholas was three weeks old and it was wonderful. He was able to keep his eyes open a little bit longer which resulted in some gorgeous photos.

I'm humbled and honoured to bring my personal experiences to photographing you with your newborn. Thank you for trusting me to document your most precious memories.

My newborn photo

Here is a sneak peek of our documentary-style newborn photo session with amazing fellow Wairarapa photographer Sharisse Eberlein. Thanks so much!

Photo by Sharisse Eberlein Photography

If you would like to book your own documentary-style at home or outdoor maternity and newborn photos, please email me

Lots of love, Sarah xx


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