I've reduced my prices: here's why, Wairarapa photographer

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From 1st September 2021, I've reduced my wedding package prices and simplified what I offer portrait clients. Essentially: to benefit you, my wonderful, Wairarapa couples and families. Hint: it's also because of my family (above!) too.

Read on to find out more!

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Portraits simplified

When people asked me "how much does it cost?" to have family portraits created, the answer was an awkward "it varies". I offered beautiful framed prints, archival quality canvases, handcrafted fabric-covered books and digital files. So, depending on what you want, the cost varied.

I still believe very much in printing and living with your captured moments (more on that later). But I also believe in simplicity.

Now I only offer one thing: you receive all the edited digital images from your portrait session. Simples!

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Support a local business

My previous printer was based in Auckland, who did create stunning work. However their prices increased and I couldn't pass those on to you. Nor could I afford to absorb them.

I offered a select range of framed prints, canvases, small books and albums. More often than not, people ordered bespoke pieces and loose prints. Which I was delighted to create for their homes, but it took me much longer than you deserve.

I'm delighted to recommend Masterton photo printer and framer Pete Nikolaison. Lucalia Photography clients will receive special rates from Pete. He has nearly 50 years of experience to draw on and a proven reputation. You work directly with the printer and framer, with more freedom to choose, to get exactly what you want in a timely manner.

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Wedding packages reduced

I've reduced the price of my top wedding package by $2500; and added a new 3 hour wedding photography package.

In the past, I packaged up framed prints and albums with wedding day photography and an engagement session. I found I was booking more and more shorter weddings and I absolutely love them. So intimate and meaningful, without all the bells and whistles. So I pared back my wedding packages too.

Now I offer 3, 6 or 8 hours of wedding day photography and an engagement session.

Engagement sessions are still really important to me and my couples. They help you become comfortable having your photo taken; we get to know each other (which results in relaxed wedding photos); you can use photos to announce your engagement or on your save-the-dates; and capture the precious moment in time: your engagement.

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Customer service

The main reason I've reduced my prices and simplified what I offer, is to ensure I provide exceptional customer service.

I found I hadn't been able to keep up with demand. It really hurts me as my amazing couples and families deserve the absolute best. So I decided to do something about it.

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Work/life balance

All this together, give me more work/life balance, and time to go on hikes and take selfies! I still haven't got the hang of these...

For my full, updated price list please click here.

I’m Sarah (Lucalia Photography)! I provide outdoorsy people who want to avoid fake poses, with documentary-style wedding and family photography in the Wairarapa and Tararua regions, that can be passed down the generations.

Lots of love, Sarah xx

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