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Question for a Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough wedding photographer: why do we need engagement photos?

engaged couple kissing at sunrise overlooking the ocean, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Many couples ask "Why do we need engagement photos?". That's a very good question, especially when you're spending (potentially) a lot of money on your wedding, can we afford one more expense?

I have four points for you to consider, to help you decide if engagement photos in Nelson, Tasman or Marlborough are right for you.

engaged couple dancing in the bush, Wairarapa wedding photographer

#1 Become comfortable having your photo taken by your Nelson engagement photographer

If you or your partner is at all nervous, feel self conscious or just not used to being in front of a camera, an engagement photo session is a great idea. It will help you relax on your actual wedding day, which will shine through in your photos. Seeing your photos afterwards will help you relax further knowing you look great!

engaged couple walking down Castle rock, Castlepoint Wairarapa wedding photographer

#2 Become familiar with your photographer (or help choose the right photographer)

Get to know your photographer personally. Did they study photography at uni, love cats and have a knack of getting lost when travelling in Venice? Or are they a self-confessed camera geek, love picnicking in the park and drinking good wine? (Both good options!). They will like to find out the same things about you.

Developing a rapport and genuine friendship with your photographer, will make it feel like you're spending your wedding day with another special friend. Which is a great thing, because you'll be spending a lot of time with them on the day: in fact as a bride, more time than with your new spouse!

An engagement photo session will also allow you to work out if you and this particular photographer are a good fit for each other. If you enjoyed the engagement shoot, you can feel confident to book them as your wedding photographer.

same sex couple hugging and kissing in a forest, Wairarapa wedding photographer

#3 Use photos to announce your engagement or on save-the-date notes

What do you need engagement photos for? Lots of couples would like beautiful and meaningful photos to announce their engagement. Phone photos are great at recording moments on the go, but professional photos can really capture the depth of connection between two people. Engagement photos make great announcements via email or social media; as well as printed or emailed as save-the-date cards.

engaged couple sitting underneath a waterfall kissing, Wairarapa wedding photographer

#4 Capture the precious moment in time: your engagement

Your engaged! Hurray! Congratulations! This once-in-a-lifetime moment deserves capturing and preserving for your future and the future of your family. It is different to your wedding (which you'll have loads of photos of too). It's the start of your permanent love story. Take a moment to be in the moment, relax and enjoy being together. Especially before you get down to the big decisions like who do we invite, where shall we marry and shall we just elope instead?

Your Nelson engagement photographer will work with you to choose a location that is meaningful to you as a couple. I love capturing couples at home surrounded by their personal space.

The main reason for having an engagement shoot is to build a genuine rapport with your photographer, which allows them to capture stunning, relaxed and intimate wedding photos like this:

couple on their wedding day sharing an intimate moment in front of orange trees, Wairarapa wedding photographer

Please feel free to contact me (Sarah!) Lucalia Photography to book your documentary engagement photos in Nelson, Tasman or Marlborough or explore my documentary wedding photography.

Lots of love, Sarah


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