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Wairarapa wedding photographer: What does "Lucalia" mean (and how do you pronounce it?)?

When I started Lucalia Photography in August 2016, I, like most small business owners, debated what to call my "baby". I could go with "Sarah Lockyer Photography" which would be ambiguous and could be confusing if my name changes in the future (which it did!). I could go with something photographic like "Frame Photos" or "Making Memories" which wouldn't be terribly unique. Instead I settled on "Lucalia Photography".

Say what?


This is a Lucalia. It's also my dad, Nick.

Photo: The Mercury

Mum and Dad started their business many moons ago "Lucalia Partnerships". They designed and built racing cars. I grew up in the bush, with a garage so big I rode my bike in there on rainy days! In between the chassis, wheels and other bits of cars.

But where did "Lucalia" come from for my parents?

This is a Luculia. Loo-coo-lia. It's also a flower my Mum had in her wedding bouquet.

Dad passed away when I was 8. Mum and I were very lucky to have such a wonderful man in our lives. I wanted to continue his wonderful legacy in my business.

Hence Lucalia Photography.

Photo: Gardening Australia

If you love my work, I'd love to hear from you! I'm a Wairarapa outdoor wedding and family photographer for adventurous people. Please feel free to contact me.

Lots of love, Sarah

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