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I provide outdoorsy families who hate awkward poses, with documentary newborn photography in Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough.

I really enjoyed the newborn stage with my two boys, and bring this experience to your newborn session. Often it's not easy, but ultimately so rewarding. Being a new mum is hard, trying to balance what is the best thing to do for your fragile new being; whilst sleep deprived and emotional. I can help you see the beauty in the amazing progress you have made in such a short space of time. Remind you how precious this new life is. And to help you flourish yourself as a mother.

Natural newborns

It's true: they grow so fast, they're only this little for the blink of an eye. Capture and preserve those tiny moments to hold onto. Those tiny fingers; the mass of hair; dad changing nappies; mum snuggles. The naps, the cries and the gurgles.

Hate awkward poses?

I promise I will not put your baby in a basket; wrap them in fabric; nor tuck them into impossible poses in your arms whilst lying on the ground half naked. I will leave you to do what you do: care for your new baby.

Documentary newborn photography

I am a documentary newborn photographer. This means capturing what naturally occurs in front of the camera, without direction, staging or posing. I keep an eye out for meaningful moments, beautiful light and striking compositions.

99% of your newborn session will be captured in a documentary manner. I can gently encourage you together for a formal family portrait if that is what you wish.


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