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Fine Art School Portraits

What do parents/caregivers say?

100% of survey respondents are "extremely happy" with their photos; and 100% would you like to see fine art school photos provided at their pre-school or school.

"The photos are absolutely gorgeous and we’re so happy with them. Thanks again... the kids had a blast! No comparison...fine art School Portraits were outstanding!!"
-Erika, September 2019️

"(Fine Art School Portraits are) much more personal and candid. School photos are rigid and designed to capture no personality."

-Dannii, September 2019️

"They were a lot less staged, no time to force a fake little smile, all natural and happy smiley photos"

-Sian, September 2019️

What are fine art school portraits?

Fine art school portraits are school photos that capture the true personality of tamariki at that moment in their lives. Photos are close, artistic and fun.

I provide Wairarapa schools and whānau a boutique, individualised and professional experience.

I interact naturally with the children I photograph and never force them to smile or say cheese for the camera. With fine art school portraits there are no awkward poses, or surprise flashes. Instead there are relaxed tamariki presenting themselves as they truly are. They may choose to smile or they may not. Each child is unique and special in their own way. Children are photographed with a black background wearing plain clothes. The results are timeless portraits that deserve to be proudly displayed on lounge room walls.

Wairarapa fine art school portraits are taken using the natural light that shines through a window. This lends a beautiful quality to the portraits; and helps further for tamariki to relax (as opposed to bright squinty flashes!).

How do fine art school portraits work?

Fine art school photos by Lucalia Photography are available to all pre-schools, playgroups, ECE, schools and colleges in the Wairarapa region.

Detailed information describing the ordering process and photo day preparation will be provided to each school to be distributed to families prior to photo day. I will deal directly with whānau if they have any questions about ordering or products.

Schools are encouraged to allow tamariki to wear plain clothes instead of uniforms for their portraits. Choosing their own clothes allows children to further express their personalities. This could provide a further fundraising opportunity for the school as well.

I bring all equipment I need including cameras and backdrop. Lighting is provided by the sun! I may request a teacher, parent or student leadership representative to assist organise children on the day.

A composite photo including all students in a class is created. Sibling portraits can also be arranged. I take portraits of staff and provide a complimentary print package to each teacher as well.

Fine art school photos are shared with whānau and schools entirely online. Families are linked to password-protected private online ordering galleries. Galleries are set up according to year, class or whatever structure is relevant for the school or pre-school.

Each child will receive 2-5 images, in both colour and black and white. The family will choose which photos they like. Choices include:

  • Individual photographic prints

  • Packages of prints (the same image printed in different sizes, on one sheet of paper)

  • Canvas prints ready to hang on the wall

  • High resolution digital images for future printing and archiving.

All prints and canvases are delivered to the school for distribution to families; and digital images are automatically delivered to families via online gallery for download.

I provide the school with all high resolution edited digital images to use for yearbooks, website, school advertising or for whatever they like.

How many students can you accommodate?

I love working with small pre-schools and primary schools with as few as 20 students; right up to larger schools with 1000 pupils.

What are the costs?

There are no up-front costs for the school. Prints, digital images and canvases are competitively priced, starting from $4.


Wairarapa fine art school portraits are very competitively priced. Payments are made by families when ordering prints and canvases. I offer a variety of print packages, digital images and ready to hang canvases to suit everyone.

Giving back

I donate 5% of proceeds back to the school.

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